Sunday, November 14, 2010

Schedule for the trip...

Novemeber 25 (Thanksgiving of the worst travel days of the year!!)- Fly to Chicago
Nov. 26-28- Clinic at Diane Carney's
Nov. 29- Fly to Sacramento, California
Nov. 30- December 1- Clinic at Patty Ball's
December 2- Fly to Portland, Oregon
December 3-5 Clinic at Rich Fellers'
Dec. 5- Fly to Los Angeles
Dec 7-9- Clinic at Archie Cox's
December 10-12- Clinic at Karen Healey's
December 13- Drive to San Diego
Dec. 14-15 Clinic at Fairbrook Farm
Dec. 17-19 Clnic at Fairbrook Farm
December 20- Fly Home!

It is going to be a long and busy few weeks...but it will be SO worth it!! Once I am back home, I will have 4 days to do all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping!! After Christmas... SLEEP (unless I am leaving for Europe right that case...I suppose I will sleep in about 7 months...)


  1. Try to do your Xmas shopping online, have the gifts delivered to your house; then, all you have to do is wrap when you get home!
    Susan P.

  2. Megan, I want to see the kind of rider that George M would invite along with him! Do you have any video? Your profile picture is lovely...

  3. Can you tell us more about yourself? What is your level of experience?

  4. Stacey: Thank you! Here is a video that I put together of clips from the clinic we just had with him!

    Anonymous: I am 22 years old, have been riding since I was 5ish, started out in 4-h and have been in the Hunter-Jumper world for 9 years now. I show in the Low AO Jumpers with my Irish Sport Horse, Guinness. I also have 2 pony hunters that I got as babies...My small I broke out late last year and she has shown this season in the children's pony hunters and will break her green status this coming season. My large pony has just been backed this fall and is enjoying the winter off before really starting work next Spring! let me know what else you would like to know!

    Susan: I do plan to do some shopping online! Thank you for that idea! :)

  5. Really looking forward to hearing about your time with GM! Loff the man!

    All my best! :)

  6. WHOOOO MEGANNNN.... ur awesome! :D

  7. How are things going?! I bet they GREAT! Love Diane's place.

    Would you mind asking Mr. Morris if registration is needed for the GM Horsemastership Clinic in FL in Jan for auditors?

    Thanks in advance! ~dani

  8. Megan, I think I found my answer. Please do don't bother Mr. Morris. ;)

    Thanks and all my best!

  9. I can imagine you are extremely busy and tired but I am dying for an update!!!!