Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything is sinking in...

Well, everything finally started to sink in this morning...this is all real. It is not a dream, I really am going to be traveling for 25 days with George Morris to be his rider in multiple clinics...and while I am with him, we will be discussing details for me to go to Europe for 6 months to ride and show. UNREAL! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, something that only happens in my dreams, and something I just never ever thought would be happening to me!

The amount of emotions that has come with this AMAZING opportunity is overwhelming. I am beyond honored to get to do all of this traveling with such a legend.  I am excited to get to see so many new cities (and countries!).  I am thrilled to get to be pursuing my dreams and expanding my riding resume!  I am anxious to see what new things I learn, to see how my riding improves, to meet new people, and to travel the world!  However, all of these positive emotions come with some negatives too! I am nervous about everything mentioned above. I am worried about a countless number of things.  I am scared to leave home for such a long period of time since I have never been away from my family for any length of time.  I am also very sad to be leaving my current job.  This job is an outstanding job, one that I absolutely love to go to every day.  The people I work with are phenomenal and I have made many many friends in this company. I will miss them dearly, but I know I will be working there again at some point!!!

There are so many things to organize, figure out, and think about before the traveling begins!  Things that I didn't really think about until today! It is going to a busy, crazy, and hectic next 2 weeks before I leave for 25 days!!! Lots of lists have been made (and will continue to be made)...hopefully I can start crossing things off of these lists soon!

Thanks for reading and supporting me on this exciting, life changing, nerve wracking, absolutely amazing journey!!


  1. MEGAN!!! I love u so much sister and i am going to miss u. IF anyone deserved this opportunity, its u. u have worked ur butt off to get to where u r now. !! I love u and will b checking this blog every hour of the day hoping to see something new :)

    Love ur little sister.

  2. Anne Caroline ValtinNovember 10, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    I am so proud of you!!!! Enjoy every second... as these memories will last a lifetime!! No one deserves this more than you- love every minute!

  3. Kate, thank you SO much! Ill update when I can...I need to update it this week again with my schedule of when and where ill be! :) love ya lil sis!

    Anne...thank you so so so so so much!!!! Hopefully we can meet up sometime next summer instead of just barely missing each other! LOL!

  4. I love that GM is (once again) setting THE example of how to keep the knowledge going, how to keep the real sport alive.

    Not just in words but by action: you will come away so much a better person, inside and out--congratulations and best wishes!