Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter in Ohio...

Well,  this winter continues to be an odd one! After such a fabulous trip with George, it was nice to not have a whole lot planned when I got home.

I have been back to work full time since the beginning of the year...I didn't realize how much I missed it! I really enjoy having a set schedule every day!! Winter has been VERY cold which makes working the horses impossible...but this past week we were up in the 50s and 60s which was super nice! It is NEVER that warm in February in Ohio!!

At the beginning of January, a LOVELY OTTB was posted on the New Vocations website ( that I just could NOT pass up.  I adopted Burning Shore and brought him home two days later!  "Chico", as I have named him, is truly a special horse.  He has come out of his shell and went from being a leery, nervous horse to one that trusts me, knickers to me, and now will eat treats out of my hand.  He is a very quick learner and is by far, the sweetest horse I have ever had the honor of owning.  He has been enjoying just being a horse since I adopted him, but last week, with the warm weather, I was able to ride him for the first time.  Oh what a fun project he will be.  After having not been ridden in well over a month, and only being off the track for 2-3 months, he was very quiet and willing.  He is all business and loves to work! I am anxious for our weather to warm up again so I can really start his training.

Nikko, my 3 year old large pony hunter prospect, finally got gelded last week.  I was putting off the gelding as long as I could to try to get him to develop that lovely stallion neck...we did get a bit of the neck, but the stallion behavior was starting to come out and I just didn't want to let it get bad. So he is now a new man....with no man parts.  He will be a lovely project this year.  I did some free jumping with him and he has a LOVELY way of going and great jump! He just quietly canters down to the fence each time, jumps in perfect form, and canters away nicely. Sakura Hill Farm in Gainsville FL did a heck of a job with his handling as a youngster!!

Roxy, my small pony hunter project, went to her first A show last weekend.  She has been SO fabulous at home and at our local show, even fabulous when hauled to my trainers facility.  However, she turned into a nervous, scared pony when we got to the show.  She schooled well on Friday, but when it was just her in the ring for her jumping rounds, she thought there was a pony eating monster at the far end and was just not wanting to go down there.  My pony jockey, Liza, did a heck of a job sticking to it and getting her around the course after some frustrating attempts.  Sunday was a new day, and Roxy jumped around all her courses with no major issues.  She was just rushing due to the nerves.  This facility is great, but is quite spooky.  Many seasoned horses spook in this ring as well.  Roxy even completed her first ever handy round! The progress she made throughout the weekend was amazing...and is the reason I love the project horses.  Seeing them progress from day to day is SO rewarding! She will go back to the same show the 2nd week in March to show in the small green ponies again. Once she learns to just relax in the ring, she will be a stellar pony...she just needs some mileage. A lot of "firsts" were thrown at her that weekend, but I am proud of how she progressed.

Guinness, my AO jumper, was sent to Margie Engle about a month ago, and within 3 weeks of him being with her, she had him sold.  Very bittersweet, but it is time for me to move on to a new horse.  Guinness will now show in the Masters Division with an older gentleman.  It is a great situation for him, and he gets to spend the rest of the winter in Florida...lucky horse!

My mom and I head to Florida for a long weekend the first weekend in March! I am very excited to get to the sunny south, see a bunch a friends that I haven't seen in WAY too long, and try some potential new horses! We will be there for the Nations Cup and the Puissance it will be some great spectating as usual.  I sure do miss spending the winters down South...well, I do and I don't. Mixed feelings about that one!

At the end of March, I start back to school full time for a Business Degree...hmmm school full time, work full time, 5 horses to take care of (3 of which are all green prospects to be worked with) and at some point, a new jumper...yup, I am a busy woman, but I love every aspect of it and would  not change it for anything!

Our farm will have some construction taking place here sometime soon...we have purchased an indoor arena so that I can continue to work all the horses throughout the winter! I am VERY excited about this!! It will be great to keep everyone in work all winter and on rainy days!! Oh! I have also decided on a name for my farm... Up and Over Farm!

I suppose that is enough of an update for now! As the horses get put pack in work, the 3 year olds start their training, and the horse search continues, I will continue to update! :)

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