Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So, Whats next?!

I have had quite a few people ask me what is next for me... so I thought I would just go ahead and post and update about that!

After talking many many times to George about Europe...listing pros and cons, we decided that right now is not the time for it.  Maybe in a few years, but right now, I need to focus on things here at home, not leaving for 6 months and coming home and being in the same position I am in now.

So, what am I going to do instead?

First on the list is to sell Guinness, my low AO jumper.  I love him dearly, but I am ready to start moving up, and he is just not the horse to allow me do to that.  So he is going to be going to Florida with Margie Engle to be sold.  Once he is sold, I will start the search for a new horse! George also told me he wants to be part of my horse trial process! Super cool to have him want to help me find the right horse! :)  I am excited about trying new horses, but sad to see Guinness go.  Sadly, it is what must happen though!

I am also going to keep going in the pony hunter business.  I currently have 2 green pony hunters, and I love working with them.  So, I will continue to find young ponies, break, train, and sell them! It will be my way of supporting my Jumper!

I am also going to look at some OTTBs this spring to adopt.  I would like to have one other horse project for myself in addition to the new jumper and the ponies.  Something I can show and have fun with for myself not just the ponies.

This whole plan came about during many dinners with George.  It is a plan that best suits me, allows me to go back to my full time job (which I am VERY excited about!), and further my riding without having a lot of travel time!  I have a lot going for me and I am excited for my show season to start back up again in the Spring.  Until then, I have a month to get Guinness going as best as possible before shipping him to Margie, and to get the ponies going again!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Are you going to keep posting on this blog? I would absolutely love to read about your riding adventures from training ponies to selling Guinness to finding a new horse.

  2. I certainly will continue updating!! It has been fun to do so I will keep doing the blog!

  3. i second alison!!

  4. Happy New Year!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog. I'm curious - did you know GM before you rode in the Halloween clinic with him? What a wonderful experience and opportunity!

  6. Happy New Year Dani!

    I have ridden with George for 7 or 8 years now, so yes, I did know him before this year. I have taken a yearly clinic with him for most of those 7-8 years and when he still had Hunterdon, I did weekly lessons with him down in Florida.

  7. Megan,

    Have you heard how GM is doing? Any word on if he will be doing his clinic in Wellington?

    Thanks in advance! Dani

  8. Dani,

    George is back on his feet and doing well from what I hear! He called me yesterday but I missed the call...he sounded great in the voicemail he left me...I would assume he is doing the clinic in Wellington.

  9. So glad I found your blog! Definitely keep writing. There's an award for you at mine. :)